Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Gifts - Guest Post

5 DIY Gifts

What is better than giving a gift and seeing joy from that person? Creating your very own gift! It makes it more personal, and more fun for both you and the person you’re sending it to. Personalized gifts can make the difference between a good gift, and the perfect gift.

I have a couple of great ideas for quick and easy homemade gifts to give for all those different occasions and parties that you’re invited to. By creating these simple gifts yourself, everyone will be asking how you did it, and will want to do it themselves!

Mason Jar of Hot Chocolate

This could be used for a holiday gift, or a simple “Thank you” gift. Mason jars are cute ways of transporting goods, but also a great way to show off your gift. Just pour the exact amount of hot chocolate powder you want given in the Mason jar, followed by marshmallows placed on top for that extra “touch”.

Money Balloon

A simple way to pass on a gift is placing money inside a balloon. Before its inflated, put money inside a clear balloon (add confetti if you’d like for that extra something). This way the person can see the money inside, and when they go to pop it, confetti—and the money of course—will fly everywhere!

Baking Kit

How fun were those metal lunchboxes you had when you were a kid? A great idea is to take one of those metal lunchboxes and fill it with baking utensils. You can make it specific like the idea below with cupcake holders, sprinkles, and the basic necessities needed to bake. Cute and simple idea.

House Warming Gift

A simple and fun way to give a gift for the newly bought house, yeah I got one! A great idea is to use an oven mitt, and fill it with necessities of the kitchen! A spatula, a whisk, a timer, and a couple of other knick knacks you can think of. Tie the mitt with a bow, and voilĂ !

Pampered Gift

A gift that can easily transfer to a girls birthday, a bachelorette party, or a Mother’s day gift, can easily be this salon in a jar. Kind of like the hot chocolate idea, you use the same concept. Get a small mason jar, and fill it with cotton balls, nail polish, a nail file, a small lotion or scrub, etc. Cute and fun!

With all of these fun, simple, and cute ways to create your own homemade gifts to give, you’ll want to resort to this method for everygifting occasion. It makes the gift more personal and thoughtful, and they’re all fun to make and give! Hope these helped, and happy gifting!

Jenny Franklin is a professional party planner and a freelance writer who focuses on ways to incorporate education and creativity into children’s parties. She currently writes for Party Pail, which produces high quality supplies.


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  2. Homemade gifts like this are perfect for the kids' teachers! :)

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